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GearTalk Network's Scope:
Websites - 8 Niche Guitar Sites
Pageviews - 7,300,000 per month
Total Visits - 2,800,000 per month
Unique Visits - 1,200,000 per month
Member Posts - 7,800,000+
Registered Members 200,000+ Established May, 1999

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Our online communities connect guitar players and collectors that share a passion for intelligent "gear" conversation on diverse topics. With over a million worldwide monthly unique visitors, we deliver an addicting user experience and provide advertisers with unique marketing opportunities to reach our enthusiastic, targeted audience.

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Our guitar and music communities reach the heart of the guitar player market with niche sites containing a combination of news, articles, photos and user-generated content. Always strictly moderated, our sites are safe for your brands and designed for the largest possible audience retention.