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GearTalk Network is comprised of nine guitar / gear websites with new sites and acquisition always in development. All of our sites target guitar players and collectors of all ages and from all over the world. Our largest website, the TDPRI, has been active on the internet for over 14 years — an eternity in “web years.” With some of the most knowledgeable and helpful guitar communities and blogs in the industry, you’ll want your MI brand to be in front of the audience on these websites. We are seriously moderated and you can feel safe with our PG-rated policies that keep out all sex, drug, politics, religion and hate speech.



Our oldest and largest website. Devoted to Fender Telecaster Style guitars, but covering all guitar and gear subjects.
120,000+ Registered members
6.9 million+ Member Posts
3 million+ Monthly Pageviews
950,000+ Monthly Unique Vists



Our fastest growing website. Covering Fender Stratocaster style guitars.
50,000+ Registered members
2.3 million+ Member Posts
1.7 million+ Monthly Pageviews
550,000+ Monthly Unique Vists



One of our fastest growing websites. Devoted to Gretsch Guitar products.

16,000+ Registered members
800,000+ Member Posts
370,000+ Monthly Pageviews
100,000+ Monthly Unique Vists



Our website devoted to Fender’s Squier Brand of Guitar products.
10,000+ Registered members
500,000+ Member Posts
200,000+ Monthly Pageviews
70,000+ Monthly Unique Vists



Our website devoted to Gibson and Epiphone products.


Our newest website. AxeTalk is different than our other websites in that it covers all guitar and gear subjects and contains News, Blogs, Galleries and Forums.


FenderTalk is a 13 year old Fender discussion community that it covers all Fender Musical Instrument Corporation guitar and gear subjects and contains News, Galleries and Forums.


FenderTalk is a blues music and blues player discussion community that it covers all aspects of blues music -plus – guitar and gear subjects, too. BluesTalk contains News, Reviews Galleries and Forums.


FenderRocks is newest Blog community that it covers all aspects of Fender guitar and gear subjects. FenderRocks contains Blogs, News, Reviews, Lessons and Galleries.



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