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GearTalk Network is a media company serving the guitar and guitar gear industry. Our unique network includes some of the most visited websites in the industry including TDPRI.COM, STRAT-TALK.COM, AXETALK.COM, GRETSCH-TALK.COM, GIBSON-TALK.COM and SQUIER-TALK.COM. GearTalk Network sites are populated with guitar lovers from all over the world.

Established in 1999 as simply TDPRI.COM, the GearTalk Network has grown to include websites, forums, galleries, blogs, reviews, videos and much more.

If you are interested in promoting a product or service to guitar players/collectors then The GearTalk Network can help you meet your goals. Every month our sites reach over a million guitar players of all rank; from professional to beginners and we offer targeted advertising with media rich ads.

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