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GearTalk Network offers advertisers and their agencies a proven way to reach Guitar Players and collectors worldwide. All ad are served through a recognized third party, providing a full compliment of campaign optimization and reporting services.

Advertisers may purchase campaigns on all websites in the network, or on only those sites they choose. GearTalk Network websites serve the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Universal Ad Sizes.

These include advertisements with the following dimensions: 728 x 90 leaderboard, 300 x 250 medium rectangle, 300 x 600 Half-Page and 160 x 600 Wide Skyscraper. We offer Mobile Apps on many of our websites and we can target varies size ads to those apps including the 320×50 Mobile Banner which is available on mobile devices only.
Gretsch-Talk Ad Sizes

Join these fine brands advertising on GearTalk Network Websites:

Fender Musical Instrument Corp, Tech21, D’addario, Stewart-McDonald, Fishman, Amercian Musical Supply,, Sweetwater, The Music Zoo, Seymour Duncan, Warmoth, Amplified Parts/Mod Kits, Lace, Lollar Pickups, MonoTone, Chicago Music Exchange, WD Music, Tommy Guitars, Premier Guitar, Pro Guitar Shop, Sound Venture UK, Jenson Speakers, CMC Guitars and many others.

Acceptable file formats include, but are not limited to gif, animated gif, .jpeg, flash, user-initiated expandable/video ad units. Sorry, audio and non user-initiated expandable/video ad units are not accepted.

Other advertising sponsorships, partnerships and giveaways are available by special request. Tell us what you have in mind.

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